Monday, May 5, 2014

Curtain Call

Summer weather has been seeping through lately and wearing skin-tight pieces
seem to be almost impossible to wear. Shapeless pieces are making a come-back in my wardrobe.
 I put these two together to create something light and airy. 
The top gives off a more feminine feel and the jeans are definitely more on the
 tomboy-ish side; putting these two
together definitely made a nice laid back outfit for the warmer weather.
 Opposites definitely attract.
 I always seem to be changing up my hair and now I am blonde...once again.
I do plan on going a few shades lighter in due time; be on the lookout!

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  1. Cutie pie. Love your smile and new hair!

  2. Gorgeous outfit and such pretty pictures! Love your top!



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  3. Love the new color, blonde looks lovely on you too! ^_^
    The spaghetti strap top is so gentle and sexy!

  4. so good!:) x

  5. This is really cute!
    I like how you challenged both feminine and tomboy pieces together
    and changing your hair color into a lighter shade (and more shades in the future).
    I definitively love the outcome. You know how to rock in everything.