Monday, September 23, 2013

Modern Cinderella

The title says it all: Modern Cinderella. 
From the blue paisley romper to these ridiculously high holographic boots. 
I think of glass slippers when it comes to Cinderella, so these lucite-heeled boots were 
perfect for this outfit. 

I do admit that I've been having random semi-hiatus' from my blog. 
School, work and other activities have been keeping me extremely busy. 
I'm in the process of working on some new and exciting stay-tuned!
Thanks to my lovely readers who have been supporting me since day one&beyond.
Trying my best to update frequently. Have a lovely week! 

You can also catch me on twitter: @missdanbee and look for me on instagram: missdanbee   
 Stay Lovely, Eunice~  


  1. such a super cool look from head to toe! OMG THE SHOEESSS <3

    Pudding Monster

  2. Gorgeous! The socks are the icing of the cake ^_^

  3. You're so gorgeous, love this look, especially those heels, OMG! <3

  4. Why are you so photogenic?! You really know how to rock that camera! ^^
    Your outfit really does fit the title, "Modern Cinderella" and also those glass like heels reminds me of that fairy tale!

  5. youre so beautiful love!!! love your instagram..and now i found you on blogger yay!!

    Laura x